Friday, June 10, 2011

CHS Convention in Cincinnati

As the first day of events began, we were gretted at the Cincinnati Art Museum by the Curator of prints, Kristin Spangenberg. The Art Museum has created the best photo journal of Circus Lithography ever produced. For the small price of $30.00 in the gift shop, you'll have a lasting legacy and an amazing historical guide.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping those of us who can't make it informed. Very nice pictures. Thanks again.
Bob Kitto

Michael said...

The Cole Bros. Circus documentary, "Tearing Down the Tent" is now available for download on

This documentary grants viewers a backstage pass to one of the largest traveling tent circuses in the world, the Cole Bros. Circus, based in DeLand, Florida.

The film presents the circus through the eyes of Jamie Reel as he visits the circus for the first time with director, Michael Knox, who grew up traveling with the circus.

During the filming, Knox reflects on his days with the Cole Bros. Circus, as Reel gets to experience circus life first hand. Through Reel's adventures we see a behind the scenes look at the circus life, with Reel standing in the Moto-Globe of Death with a motorcycle racing around his head, working as a clown, riding an elephant and working with the camels.

Through this journey we try to explore the real story behind one of America's most beloved past times.

Run Time: 90 minutes