Friday, May 21, 2010

Water for Elephants

From left to right is the Italian band Chariot, # 73 is not identifiable from this photo as 73 was the RBBB Hippo wagon, Next is one of the corporation three arch cages, baggage wagon and the # 2 Hagenbeck-Wallace generator wagon. They are all from the Circus World Museum collection.


Anonymous said...

Wonder why they wouldn't shoot the movie at the CWM with alot more background available to them.

John Goodall said...

Unfortunately, the State of Wisconsin let film credits ($)drop from the budget. For that reason, the director decided to film the picture in California.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds crazy as it would have put money into the local economy from the film crews,etc.
Plus having the exposure for the CWM with film credits,etc.
Do you know if the CWM will have a line of credit for the use of the wagons at the end of the movie? Would have been easy to insert with lease contract.