Sunday, May 16, 2010

Barnett Bros. Circus

The Circus Historical Society was represented by three of its members who attended to tell people about the Ray Rogers shows. We included the fantastic series written in the 1970's by Joe Bradbury.


Dave Price said...


These are very interesting to me. Some years ago Mary Jane and son John and I used to take Clyde Beatty exhibits up to the Fall Festival of Leaves in Beatty's hometown- Bainbridge, Ohio. We did this five years: 1978, 1979, 1984, 1986 and 1988.

We had hundreds of festival visitors come through the exhibit and one year (1979) they had me speak at the unveiling (by the congressman from that district) of a sign at the edge of town which announced that Bainbridge was the birthplace of Clyde Beatty.

During those years we met several of Beatty's siblings (now gone)and a number of old-timers who had known Beatty as a lad.

We considered moving there and having a permanent museum but alas neither Mary Jane nor I could find a job in the area so we never made the move.

I've never been quite innocent enough to think that I could make a living with a circus museum in a small town. Don Smith of Detroit once confessed to me that he had always wanted to turn his collection into a museum but it was not to be.

Bob Cline said...

It's funny that you should say that about a Museum Dave as the very same subject came up in our conversations as well.

Dave Price said...

There's a nice article in the March/April LCW on "The Importance of Setting up Displays for the Public" by George McIlveen.

By the way I got out of rehab yesterday. Good to be home.