Sunday, May 16, 2010

Barnett Bros. Circus

The town of York, South Carolina held their first "Under the Big Top" Days yesterday. Built around the legacy of Ray Rogers and his Barnett Bros. Circus, the town put together a great one day festival for one and old alike. We were lucky enough to be asked to be there to bring the world of the circus to the people in various forms. We brought circus music, Circus Models, memorabilia and our Circus Historical Society display to help explain the Circus in ways many people had never seen before.
For Hal Guyon, Harold and Sharon McFeely and myself, our greatest adventure was meeting so many of the old show folks still living n the area and visiting with them and hearing the many stories they had to tell. Included in this amazing group was Bill and Doug Bennett, 2 of the 5 original owners of Bennett Bros. Circus.

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Hal Guyon said...

Sure was a lot of fun Saturday, looking foward to the next one already in two years. See you again this Saturday. Two circus related weekends in a row, it don`t get no better than that ! By the way, Kathy said for you to come on down Friday so you won`t have to get up so early, let me know.