Friday, June 01, 2012

Which came first?

I received a very nice email the other day from the grandaughter of Neal Bose. She has given me permission to to pass on her information and the general question of which came first, the letterhead or the Collier's cover which is dated 1931?

The artwork, which was done by my grandfather, Neal Bose, also appeared on the front cover of Collier's Magazine. Neal was a commercial artist and not connected with circuses but my other grandfather, Al Merrihew, was a traveling musician who was, at one time, the band leader for Potter & Rice Amusement Co. and was part of the Executive Staff of the Cosmopolitan Amusement Co as their Musical Director. Both companies organized carnivals.

Neal Bose's artwork was probably chosen or commissioned for the cover of this May 23, 1931 issue because it contained a circus article titled, "All in the Family." The introduction to the article reads, "The circus family is the base of the show. It is the center of that loyalty and heroism that bring to each performance an undercurrent of vital drama. And the American circus dynasties are dying. Mr Cooper introduces you to the survivors."

Courtney Riley Cooper ( 1886 to 1940 ) wrote the Buffalo Bill Biography with Louisa Cody in 1919, Lions and Tigers and Everything in 1924 and the Annie Oakley biography "Woman at Arms" in 1927. He was also the writer for 19 different films including one called Sawdust in 1923.

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