Monday, June 04, 2012

Sells and Gray - 1974 - #9

Anyone recognize the handler?

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BOB, Great work with the Blog and CHS. Think this was groom, as believe Ricky Pasca had the herd on SELLS GRAY in 1974. Usually, they went by senority from the Fred Logan commmand who was CBCB Elephant supt. 69'to end of CBCB.He put Robert Dale Cline, his logtime KELLY Miller aide over on King show,and kept S&G staffed from his students, all teenagers. First in 1975 he put 18 yr. old Ted Svertesky over there, then when Ted joined the Buckles Woodcock crew then Hoxie tent tour in late spring of 1976, Gary Thomas took over for 76'and 77'. Think Elephants on Sells Gray were Bessie and Mary , with Ola and Konti on King. Sells &Gray looked like CIRCUS, great paint job. MIKE CECERE