Sunday, August 23, 2009

RBBB seat wagon in HO scale

I have been kicking around the idea of model building again after not touching them for 30 years. Hey I was building in 1/2" scale back then and it was FUN!
So my brain says let's do this and I'm all for it. Now as the weekend winds down, I can't see very good anymore, my fingers are almost glued together and there's blue paint on my left hand.
So for being HO scale, and the first one I've made in 30 years, it's not bad. I need to refigure a few things, and gluing the seats on was the clincher for a charming evening.
And how was your weekend?


Down the Road by Jim said...

There are things ( good things ) to be said for 1/2 inch scale stuff -- for example , you could probably have blue paint over both arms as well as both hands , thus resembling a Smurf , a pinto smurf , but a smurf none-the-less , or you could have spilled the larger can of silver paint needed for a 1/2 inch model , all over the floor , and yourself , thus resembling a tin-woodman/smurf , just to name a few of the happy things that happen to us 1/2 inch modelers -- 1/2 inch , a man's scale , right Steve ??

Bob Cline said...

ARRggg! These 1/2" scale models weigh a ton. Oh my breaking back. Do what? Take them out of the box one at a time? Well yeah, they really are lighter that way.

I have "Officially" declared HO scale wagons are great to build... as long as it isn't me that's building them.

It was a lot of fun to work on a model again!