Thursday, August 27, 2009

Circus Bartok Winter Quarters

Taken in 1971.


Anonymous said...

I remember it well-I worked for Circus Bartok for the summer of 70-we moved daily-as a mechanic I was very busy with breakdowns-the fire eater had skin of leather-the elephants were workhorses when we set up and broke down-yep some good memories

Mary King said...

I "ran away" from University of Maryland on a lark in the spring of 1972 and was Snake Woman, half woman, half snake for a short time. I remember a tall guy named Tree. Two brothers moved the circus all night, and let me sleep in the back of the pick up truck as they drove back and forth between sites.

Everyone knew I was a good kid, and their advice was: Don't let it get in your blood. I started thinking about a great uncle who was a carnie and began worrying that maybe this was not the life for me.