Thursday, July 26, 2012

Peru Circus Parade - Bill Prickett Photos

I don't remember this one. I guess my memory is fading.

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Bob Cline said...

Bill Prickett got this kind answer from Tom Dunwoody today.

"The white cage wagon with the corner statues was built by the Circus Hall of Fame around 1990 along with 9 other circus wagons for Knotts Berry Farm.. They had a musical stage show with a circus theme and wanted a circus parade thru the park. These wagons were built 80% full size because of an underpass they had to go under. The corner statues were duplicated on a carving machine from an existing circus wagon carving thatr had been mounted on one of the entry gates to the winterquarters. Knotts donated the wagons back to the Hall of Fame when they were finished with them."