Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stanly County Fair - Albemarle, NC


Anonymous said...

This wiring is unacceptable. It shouldn't take a huge amount of time to fix it but with the insulation ending out of the connectors it as asking for a short.
Looking at the pictures of the beautiful equipment I wondered what the problem could be until I blew up this shot.
If the rest of the wiring is like this J & J has a serious problem. This wiring is not just a technical code violation (actually safe but not in compliance) it is dangerous.
I often have to pass Inspections and have little sympathy for nit-picking but this should have been fixed when it happened.
Mark B. Horton

Hal Guyon said...

I agree with you Mark, as a retired inspector myself. This wiring is really bad, it`s a shame too as it looks like they have some really nice rides. North Carolina is also known the be very strict on amusement inspections. Here in South Carolina I have seen some equipment that I somtimes couldn`t believe that someone would let go, puts a bad light on the shows that strive to keep their equipment in top notch condition.