Tuesday, June 01, 2010

on eBay this week

This route book is one of several I have from the Cristiani Bros. Circus years. These are several of the items I'll be offering on eBay starting tonight at http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/tigeract


Dave Price said...

I worked for this show part of this year but didn't make the book. I had been billing the Famous Cole under Kitzman and when that show started having problems after Glenn Jarmes took over, Kitzman wired Elmer Kauffman who had me join the Cristiani advance in Denver.

I worked westward with them including a big date in Los Angeles, where I was able to get back to see the show a couple of times. In the meantime Bill Wilcox wanted to leave the Carson & Barnes advance and Jack Moore hired Kitzman to come over. We left from Burbank and joined C&B in Missouri for a fall tour through the canebrakes of Louisiana.

Jerry Cash said...

My all time favorite show. I saw it in Los Angeles as a kid, made a huge impression on me. Because of this, I became a fan, joined the CHS and today I am building a scale miniature of the show.
Jerry Cash