Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The "Texas"

A Couple weeks ago, well maybe it was last summer now, it seems like just yesterday but ... What? 40 years ago? Well anyway, several of us Journalistic type folks were all having this conference on reporting the news at the Circus World Museum. It was truly amazing to see how things looked at the time. On the particular days that Jim Peterson and I were there strolling around interviewing all the wagons about their life histories and such, we ran into fellow Circus Historical Society member Steve Flint who was busily painting the "Texas" railcar. After much time was spent visiting, we watched Steve removing the rust, priming the car, bondo in the cracks kind of stuff and offered our expert advise at the same time. We headed up the hill and visited with Slick and Slim a little while before they had to load the train, and when we headed back down the hill, this car had changed right then and there. Well naturally we wanted to interview this Mr. Flint as this was amazing. We were told he was already up in the wagon barns helping rebuild a wagon or two. We couldn't find him as he had gone to the train sheds to paint one of the flatcars with another Graphic artist. By time we got through those gates and saw the artist at work, Mr. Flint had finished his car and headed up to the Library to do some research. We never did get to interview him. we just went to the Log Cabin for supper instead. Such is the life of these journalistic endeavors, Right Jim?

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Down the Road by Jim said...

Yep , our end-evers don't always end up with answers that we want , so then we just make --- ah , that is , er , we come back later , yeah, that's it , we come back later , and get the answers -- By the bye , this picture is BEFORE Steve "Cannonball " Flint painted it -- don't want anyone to think that he missed a few spots , here and there , like I just did !