Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today is Circus day in

Today is Circus Day in:
Carthage, North Carolina - Lewis and Clark Circus
Rome, GA. - Carson and Barnes Circus
Harrisonburg, VA. - Cole Bros. Circus
Biloxi, MS. - Ringling Gold Unit
Providence, R.I. - Ringling Blue Unit
Dayton, OH. - Ringling Red Unit
Hampton Roads, VA. - Universoul Circus
Wattsburg, PA. - Walker Bros. Circus
Chino, CA. - Circus Vargas
Ceres, CA. - Circo Hermando Vasquez ( opens tomorrow )
Boston, MA. - Big Apple Circus
West Springfield, MA. - Annual Shrine Circus at Big "E"
Pasco, WA. - Tarzan Zerbini Circus ( opens tomorrow )

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