Friday, August 29, 2008

The Circus World LLC

Today has been a big day for me. My website has been up for a few weeks. I've been changing somethings around and have a lot more to do but it's making progress. At this point, I have a few things in particular to work on but I like the general feel of the site. is now my official online Circus Store. I'll be adding a lot of items over the next few weeks and modifying some pages. Enjoy the great FREE Videos.
After these couple Hurricanes get away from us all, I'll be listing my book "America's Elephants" here as an eBook initially then a printed version later on. As of today, items can be purchased through the Products listing on the left. We have tested it a couple times today to make sure that everything went through so if anyone has a problem, concern, or question, feel free to contact me through the site email at
I want to offer to any and all the opportunity to sell whatever you might have that is circus related also. If you have old circus equipment, costumes, emphemera, posters, books, movies, slides, etc, I'll be glad to place it on mysite for you to sell. It costs you nothing and can remain as long as it takes to sell for you. You keep it until it sells, then I'll get you together with the buyer.
I hope you enjoy the store front as much as I have enjoyed getting to do this. I look forward to seeing you at the CHS Convention and hearing from a lot of you. Enjoy the fresh roasted Peanuts, Hot roasted Peanuts, Coca Cola, Cotton Candy, get your sno-cones here. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!


Down the Road by Jim said...

Just wondering --- how big is that wagon wheel on your heading ???And while I'm asking questions ,"LLC" stands for ?????osaroov

Bob Cline said...

The wheel was about 8" x 8" and I reduced it. The LLC is a legal term for Limited Liability Company. As a full fledged business, I needed to have ALL the legal papers.